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Being a Girl… in UPTU.!!

Being a girl in India is difficult.. but being a girl in UPTU.. well now thats another level of difficult.. from unwanted attention to random stupid phone calls @ 2:00 a.m to ever increasing fb friend requests and weird proposals.. we have to face it all. Now some butt hurts will comment ‘ ye ladkiyan hoti hi aisi hain.. bas blame daal skti hain.. these girls can never see positivity in anything” . Yes.. so correct they are.. its our fault.. we should focus on the positives.. What.. you can not find any positives here?? Wait.. let me help you..


10 signs that you are from UPTU

Being from UPTU is always special. Uttar Pradesh Technical University or popularly known as UPTU is biggest technical university in Asia. When university is so special, its students will be special too. So to...